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I, the Lord Jesus, Want to be Involved with EVERYTHING in Your Life

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Prayer, Salvation

“I, the Lord Jesus, want my people to love me with all their hearts, with all their souls, with all their minds and with all their strength and to love their neighbor as I have loved them. My people, I love you so much that you sometimes don’t understand the extent of my love for you. I the Lord Jesus created you, each and every one of you to be a unique individual, endowed with your own particular gifts; abilities and talents. I gave you everything that you needed for life including the people I wanted you to share your life with. I gave my life on the cross for everybody in the world and that includes you my child. Even if there was only one living person on earth, I would have died for that person. Don’t you realize that I died for all of you, my people, because you are so precious to me! The Holy Trinity will be so overjoyed with happiness if one day you live with us in Heaven. That is how much we love you. We want to help you in every way we can for that to happen one day!

I love you so much that I want to do everything with you. I want to be involved in all areas of your life including your decision-making. What you do in your life is so important to me. I want to be your shepherd and with me you lack nothing because I give everything that is good to my children. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”, as seen in John 14: 6 and I know the way to Heaven and what my children need in order to get there. Please let me take over completely the reins of your life and let me lead you on the road to Heaven.

Please let me be the Lord and Saviour of your life! I want to show you how to turn away from sin and for it not to have a hold on you, how to resist the devil so that he flees from you as seen in James 4: 7-8. I have defeated the devil on the cross and with me you can be victorious over sin and death. I want to show you how to become less so that I can become greater in you. That can happen if you let me share everything with you and then I can show you how to act in the right way because the more you follow my ways and obey my commandments the more your life will change and the more you will really be the people I called you to be without blemish or stain of sin because you will act in a holy way with me as your guide and Shepherd, pointing out the way you should go.”

The Lord wants to be part of everything in your life. If you only follow God when it suits you, you do not really love the Lord. To really follow God, you need to talk with God all the time as Paul said “pray unceasingly” see 1 Thessalonians 5:17, so that the Lord can transform you into his image and likeness and then you will be able to imitate Christ in all things, and truly be a child of God, set apart from the world to be in the service of God and neighbour. People will see the difference; because although you are in the world; you will act in a different way to how the world acts and they will want to know why. By serving and putting God and neighbour first, you will truly be pointing them to God and show that you are a true example of a Christian who lives in a radical revolutionary way full of love for God and neighbour and follow your Lord and Saviour without compromising the values of the Gospel.

God Bless you all

By Dominic and Marie-Hélène Bradshaw