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Depend Totally on Him

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Dependency, Faith, Relationship

My son, my daughter, my child I love you with an everlasting love. You are so precious to me. Before you were conceived in your mother’s womb, I thought of you. When I wanted you to have life, I breathed life through your nostrils and you became a person, a human being ready to serve me and my people.

My children, please let me be a part of everything that you do and are, from the smallest to the greatest decision in your life. Please don’t try to hide anything from me. I know everything about you and if there is anything that is hurting you, I want to heal you and make you well again, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. If you have done anything wrong or sinned against me, please repent and I will forgive you and then we can have fellowship again.

As the Father is in me, and I am in the Father, so please remain in me and be rooted in the vine and then you will bear much fruit and everyone will see that you are my Disciples. I am your Shepherd and I want to be your friend and with me you lack nothing. Please depend on me for everything. I want you to become less so that I can become greater in you or in other words let go and let God take complete control of the reins of your life.

My children, do not be afraid of me, trust in me completely. I promise you that if you are my friends that I will never leave you or forsake you. Even if trial, tribulation or sickness comes your way, I permit it to happen for your good as I do nothing in vain, as I know what I am about. Everything works out for good for those who trust in Jesus. I will never allow you to experience anything painful beyond what you are able to cope with and I will always be there to help you with it if you come to me.

My children, I want you to please give me all of yourselves. Renounce yourselves, take up your crosses and follow me. You are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Yes you have to look after yourselves and be responsible for how you think, speak and act but don’t live to satisfy your selfish ambitions and don’t put yourself first before me, but put me in first place and live for me and serve my people. Love to serve rather than be served.

Let the Holy Spirit, melt you, mold you, fill you, use you and transform you into the people that you were called to be. My children please love me with all your heart, soul and mind and strength and love your neighbor as I have loved you. Do unto others as you would like them do unto you and if you persevere till the end of your life in total obedience to me, you will have eternal life full of happiness with me forever. I love you my children, please depend on me and you will never be disappointed. Let me be your only Teacher and I will show you the way to eternal life, for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

By Dominic and Marie-Hélène Bradshaw