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Antonio Perez

Did this Happen in One Day?

Did this happen in one day? In one day it began and ended- the same day. Which day was it? It has been told you that the ancient ruins do not crumble in one day. But I ask you: Which stroke of pressure on the wall began its demise? Which blow of wind sped its decay?...

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My Name is…

My name is... I was born in 2010. I am a Christian.I was playing outside when they came. I tried to run But the wheels were faster than my little feet. They tied me to a fence; I couldn't escape. They murdered my parents and protectors before my little eyes. I watched...

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My Love

Jesus, my love, Life of life. How our love intertwines! You are my breath. Let me only breathe for You! Oh Breath of my breath! Draw me close to You! Kiss me, Oh Lord, that I may be taken with Your love! Rapture me away with the intimacy of Your passion. Let Your love...

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How can a heart so broken and crippled by shattered dreams and the death of trust love again? When from the innermost chambers of soul and spirit pours forth rage and fear, powerlessness and ambivalence; how can Your light shine? How can the Sun shine again when to me...

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