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by | Jun 14, 2022 | Focus

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”

(Colossians 3:2 ESV)

“Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.”

(Proverbs 4:25 ESV)

Have you ever played Bible roulette? That’s where you just randomly open your Bible and read. I have done that before. The thing about that is there is no focus to it. It’s just randomly reading. In our walk with God we need to be focused. If we lose focus even for a second, it can spell trouble.

Google defines focus as, “Pay particular attention to.”

There’s an old joke, yes I know it because I’m old. “I’m so poor I can’t even pay attention.” Yes, it’s a joke. No one is that poor. We can always pay attention. Especially to God. God is like E.F. Hutton. When he talks everyone listens. Well, that’s not true. Not everyone listens when God talks. And that’s bad. We need to listen to God. We need to keep our focus on Him. We need to listen for His voice every minute of every day.

Do you listen when God talks to you? Do you care if He is talking to you?

I do. I need to hear my Father every day. He talks to me but He also listens to me.

I want to tell everyone to keep your focus on God and the things He has in store for you. Now more than ever. There is so much evil in the world that if we aren’t focused on God, there could be a lot of trouble headed for us. So I encourage you to get a Bible plan and read. Don’t just randomly pick places to read. And stay focused on God.

Have a great day.

Kathy Keller
Writer and Prayer warrior with Answers2Prayer Ministries
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