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Even if the Fig Tree WIll not Blossom

by | Jan 16, 2016 | Faith

Text: Hab. 3:17-19, Job 13:15-16, II Cor. 12:7-10

Memory Scripture: “When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, there is a lifting up, and He shall save the humble person” (Job 22:29)

INTRODUCTION: Naturally, one has a high tendency to be downcast discouraged and frustrated as a result of lack, sickness, trial etc. One’s trust in the Lord gets shaken because things desired as not forthcoming. But, for a child of God we need to consider the men who despite their greatness were still in great needs/wants. Yet, their trust, devotions and consecration to God remained unshaken.

1. Hab 3:17-19 teaches us to rejoice, trust and remain strengthened in the Lord even when our business appears to be going down, when there is lack and when there is no fruit of the womb, etc. For some people at this point they will no longer pay tithes. They will face their business all the more rather than attend fellowship. We should remain grateful to God at all times.

2. Job 13:15-16: Job teaches that even if he is slain in sickness and God “appears not to rescue”, he will yet rest in Him. It is established in Him that the Lord is trustworthy and he will yet trust Him.

3. II Cor 12:7-10: The apostle Paul had prayed several times on the issue of the thorn in his body, but it remained still despite the fact that it was known to God. What is the situation that you are passing through? Learn to trust god. Refuse to be weighed down and let your song be: .”It is well with my soul”.

It is important to note that those trials or challenges are not necessarily there because of your sin. However, the fact that you have broken the edge, could culminate in curses and there is no consolation for such unless there is repentance (1 Pet. 2:20).

CONCLUSION: Know that it is darkest before the dawn. You will in the end rejoice and share testimonies of victory over your struggles. But, have the attitude of the spiritual elders, who as we all know sang most glorious songs at the end of their sufferings.

I assure you of victory.  What you are passing through will be a thing of the past.  God is on the throne.  He doesn’t change!

Problems shared are half solved.  You are not alone in this battle.  Prayer is being mobilized for you globally. Have faith in God.  The Lord is on your side.  You shall not die, but live to declare the work of the Lord!

Please feel very free to contact me again and again.  You are vessels for God’s use.  You should not die!


Rev Debo Adeyemo

Director of Bible Question for the Week, Answers2Prayer Ministries,     

(Appearing Saturday, July 27, 2002)