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  Two Ways to Get to Heaven A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Salvation

There are two ways to get to Heaven. Here’s all you have to do.
Just love Jesus with all your heart, and always do what He wants you to!
Never fail to follow Him, no matter what the cost!
Reach out to every single person who is lost!
Love every single neighbor more than you love yourself!
Never lose an opportunity and leave it on the shelf!
Follow this way exactly, and you can just walk in!
Heaven will be your home, so long as you have no sin!
Does this way make you want to start crying?
Does it seem so hard, that it’s not even worth your trying?
Does your chance of success seem as likely as growing wings and flying?
There’s another way to get to Heaven! I’ve got good news for you!
Tell Jesus that you just can’t make it! That’s all you have to do!
Oh Jesus, I just can’t get there by my trying!
I fall so short of what you want! This fact I’ll stop denying!
I just can’t love you with all my heart!
When I sing your song,
I sing it wrong,
And I don’t even sing the right part!
The truth is, I love myself more than I love my neighbor.
The truth is, I don’t give you all my labor!
Sometimes, I even disobey you,
Because it’s what I really want to do!
Oh, Jesus, even though you saw what is so true,
You died a brutal death, so I could one day live with you!
And then,
You came to life again,
Proving that you were God’s one special son!
And, you did all this in front of everyone!
Jesus, please be my special Christmas present now!
You are my Lord, and before Your throne I bow!
Jesus, please take me, unworthy as I am!
Jesus, please be my Savior, my sacrificial Lamb!
Oh pass this news on to everyone!
Tell the world about God’s special Son!
Come to Jesus! No! Run! Run! Run!


: A poem by Chris Hansen
Author of “Revelation Revisited,” “Secret of the Psalms,” and “Grandfather’s Journal.”