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  Valley of Decision A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Decisions, Poems, Truth

Oh how great is our division!
Here and now is our valley of decision!
Bible yes? Or, Bible no.
John and Mary? Or, John and Joe.

Something merely natural? Or, someone who is Divine?
No purpose at all? Or, intelligent design.
Do we exist after the tomb?
Are they merely blobs of tissue within the womb?

What about separation of church and state?
Disagreement? Or, speech filled with “hate?”
Equality for everyone?
Or, reward based on what you’ve done?

Errors in judgment? Or, actual sin?
What kind of trouble are we really in?
Who exactly was Jesus Christ?
A great teacher, or the Son of God who was sacrificed?

What is truth? Who gets to decide?
On what basis are we unified?
Is truth universally true?
Or, is truth something that merely works for you?

What exactly is the good?
Is it doing what you should?
Or is it merely the greatest pleasure?
On what basis do we measure?

We’d better decide, and do it fast!
If not, I doubt that we will last!

Chris Hansen

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