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Chris Hansen

Will I Have a Good New Year?

Will I have a good new year? Is there any way to tell? Consider the following: If I can help save someone from an eternity in hell, If my faith in Jesus is on display and not merely an empty shell, If I can speak loudly about my faith, and not even have to yell, If my...

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When God Sighed…

Jesus, how often you must sigh! When I pretend to try, or when I decide to lie, or when I grow old and die, or perhaps even when I at last resurrect and fly! How glad I am, though, that you and I will never, ever have to say goodbye! Sigh! Chris Hansen

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What was I Thinking

I rejected Jesus. What was I thinking! I knew my life was sinking. I knew I would be a corpse, dead and stinking. Still, he and I were just not linking. Was I moved by Roman crucifixion nails, clinking? Yes, indeed! So, why was I shrinking? Well, all this talk about a...

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Sunday Morning Warning

Jesus might say, "I give you this solemn warning! Don't tell me how you behaved on a Sunday morning! I'd rather hear about how you behaved on a Monday afternoon. Now that's worship of a different tune. How did you treat folk when no church folk were around? That's...

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Because of Jesus Christ, I am now forgiven! But does that mean there are no consequences for my sin? Better is a car carefully driven, Than a terrible crash, and all the trouble I’ve gotten myself in! Would you have a tenderly cared for broken arm? Physicians at your...

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If Jesus Didn’t Die

Immortality, no one ever offers or even buys, No comfort for the grieving mother who cries; Her child, forever lost, who dies. Can you tell her this, as you look into her eyes? Can you tell her that, at best, her child's end is maggots and flies? Your pastor is a...

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Doubt and Faith

Doubt can not be stopped, No matter how hard one tries. Disciples of Jesus doubted him Until they saw his cold corpse rise! At least ten of them were tortured to death, Accused of telling monstrous lies. Still, they stuck to their wild story. This, no historian...

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A Prayer of Thanksgiving

My friend, I heard you pray. I listened carefully to what you had to say. You thanked me for all the beauty all around. You thanked me that your loved ones were all safe and sound. You thanked me for your job and all the money you had. You thanked me for sparing you...

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Why Should I Love Them?

Jesus, why should I love them? First, because you did not condemn. Loving them should be my task, First of all, because you ask. Second, I should have the same love as you, my master, Because without your love, they will end in disaster! After all, you were willing to...

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Why is Jesus the Only Way?

Why is he the only key when I pray? Why does he have the final say? No one else would tolerate my sin! No one else would get me out of what I got in. No one else could predict the future like he can. No one else could be Almighty God who became a man. No one else...

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