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Love Like Hezekiah

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Love

When Hezekiah took possession of the throne from his father King Ahaz, he went on a housecleaning spree. He reopened the doors to God’s house and repaired them. He gathered the priests and Levites and placed them on the square on the east as they had been during King David’s reign. Temple worship was restored and the Passover Celebration reinstated. There were music and rejoicing and praising God like had not happened since King David and King Solomon’s times. Idol worship and pagan practices were stopped. The people were ready for this change.

King Hezekiah loved God, and he wanted everyone to love God as he did. He saw his people through eyes of faith, and he watched their lives and how they lived each day. He knew obedience to God and God’s commandments would reap unexpected blessings, and he wanted the people to understand this and want real change in their hearts. His tenure of twenty-nine years saw many changes as he overcame struggles of reform for the benefit of his nation. He believed they had to return to worshiping God, and he implemented a national charge for this change to come about.

One of King Hezekiah’s major conflicts was the evil Assyrian King. When King Hezekiah saw the Assyrian soldiers outside the gates of his city, he and the prophet Isaiah went to God in prayer and asked for His guidance in this attack and situation. Then God sent an angel to destroy the mighty Assyrian soldiers as He guided them on every side. God helped defeat this corrupt ruler and the ruler returned to his country in disgrace.

The Israelites witnessed a great victory, and they knew God had given the victory to them because King Hezekiah fell to his knees and asked for God’s help. They knew their king loved God with all his heart and soul and mind and thus, was part of the victory.

The love King Hezekiah had for the God of Israel drove him to revival and he became known as the reformer and returner to Moses’ ways. He told the masses from the tribes as they gathered during his spiritual renewing, “Now it is in my heart to make a covenant with the Lord God of Israel, that His burning anger may turn away from us.” (II Chronicles 29:10). The people understood and were willing to unharden their hearts and obey God as King Hezekiah encouraged them to do.

Love for God and his people is Christlike love. This love should live in all our hearts as it lived in this king’s heart.

© Carol Dee Meeks