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“A” All the Way, Part 1

by | Jan 29, 2020 | "A" All the Way (A Mini-Series), Mini-Series, Worship

Not only is all Scripture God-inspired (2 Tim 3:16), even the order in it is God-inspired. In God’s scheme of things, a B never comes before an A, so to speak. Consider this Scripture: “He decorated all the walls of the inner sanctuary and the main room with carvings of cherubim, palm trees, and open flowers.” (I Kings 6:29)

He, of course in this context is King Solomon and sanctuary in question is the Temple, he built in 1034 AD at Mount Moriah for the Glory of Adonai (Sovereign God). Notice the Scripture and see the order in which the three figures are listed…Palm trees do not come in front of the Cherubim but it is the other way around. What is the faithful Scripture trying to teach us through this singular order in this Biblical portion? In this series of 3 parts, let’s navigate through the lessons this Scripture holds for us. Welcome to the World of A’s…opps sorry…I mean sub-headings of A’s.

I) Adoration

“He decorated all the walls of the inner sanctuary and the main room with carvings of CHERUBIM, palm trees, and open flowers.” (I Kings 6:29)

Cherubim are symbolic of worship, for what is the primary calling of angels if not worship. There we see Angels surrounding the throne and whole-heartedly worshipping the Creator in Isaiah’s vision of Heaven (Isaiah 6:1-3).

Nothing, when I say nothing, I mean nothing can take place of Adoration (read Worship) in the life of a Christian too…no not even ministering for Him, for man was primarily created to worship God. Today, we are in the business of winning souls for His Kingdom, because Adam and Eve fell into sin, otherwise we their offspring would have spent all our time enjoying His presence and worshipping Him. By the way, what do you think we would do in Eternity apart from fully enjoying worshipping Him? Hallelujahs will rent the air in Heaven 24x7xEternity. Ministry, however noble minus the worshipping heart, would be like pen without ink in His sight.

While on the subject of Worshipping Him, it is indeed good to worship Him for the good things, He pours graciously into our lives generally (where would we be without regular sunlight or periodic rainfall) and specifically (food, clothing and shelter — Matt 6:33) but we would be fully fulfilling our potential, only when we worship Him, just for what He is…yes, for His unique qualities and attributes.

Let me take you back in time to Moses and Mount Sinai (Exodus 33). At a time his fellow Israelites were clamoring for Egyptian food (not being content with the Heavenly Manna), Moses got his priorities right…his “A’s before his B’s” …as it were…he sought the best from the Lord…he did not settle for anything less than wanting to see the Almighty’s glory and lo and behold, how did God respond (Exodus 33:18-34:6)!!! He made all His goodness pass before Moses and declared the virtues in Himself. In other words, God’s Glory is actually the sum total of all His unique traits and qualities. When we ascribe glory to Him, we are worshipping Him for what He is. Incidentally, the word worship is derived from the Anglo-Saxon “weorthscipe” which means “worthship” and then “worship.”

A devout Saint summed up worship thus…”Worshipping God is nothing but opening our hearts to the love of God, quickening our conscience to the Holiness of God, purging our imagination with the beauty of God, filling our minds with the truth of God and committing our purposes to the will of God.”

Just as a cynic would lose out on not “enjoying” the sublime work of say a Michael Angelo expressed by transcendent brush strokes on a canvas, we would be the biggest losers if we do not worship the person whose awesome, all surpassing greatness can never be adequately captured in words.

Prayer: Father, we worship You just for what You are. Enliven our hearts day after day with your unique traits, so that we spontaneously worship You with all our hearts. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Suresh Manoharan
J and SM Ministries

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