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by | Jan 9, 2016 | Poems

With heaven as His throne
and the earth Jis footstool;
How do we reach, to touch,
the hem of Jis robe?

If we are but dust
and He the Creator;
How do we look at Him?
How low must we bow?

With heaven so far, and
our own life and death
How do we know…

what we believe.

But He, the very one
who planted the stars

“I did it all for you
so that you would come…

Come and believe
that I’m not only real,
but I am so near
you could reach out and feel…

Not just the hem
of My robe but
the scars on My palm.
The very palm
that planted the stars”

With heaven as His throne
and the earth His footstool;
He reigns on high
with both might and victory.

Yet with our heart His home
And our home in His heart;
We reign with Him
and shall for eternity.

As dust we are born,
and as the earth wears down,
we too, are worn down,
by time.

But His signature
is on each and every cell;
and life and death’s mystery
is that we are eternal.

Reborn to know in our heart
what was once unconceivable;
And to grasp the truth
of what was once unbelievable.

Lisa de Jong

“I planted the stars in place and moulded all the earth. I am the one who says… ‘you are mine’.”
Isaiah 51:16)

“…the skies shall disappear like smoke, the earth shall wear out like a garment, and the people of the earth shall die like flies. But my salvation lasts forever; my righteous rule shall never end.”
(Isaiah 51:6)