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Teach me how to Pray, Lord

by | Jan 9, 2016 | Poems

There is so much I need to say
To ask forgiveness this very day
Teach me to Pray Lord

Give me some guidance as I kneel to pray
For some reason I do not know what to say
Just give me a sign as I try to find the words
To express my failures and lack of concern
Teach me to pray Lord

Lord I love You with all of my heart
Yet I cannot think of how to tell You my pain
I will try to share with You and explain
That I come to You to say
Teach me to pray

Our Father who art in Heaven
May I love others as You love me
Help me this day to become what You want me to be
I want to serve You and know Your will for my life
Teach me to pray Lord, just teach me to to pray

Sarah Berthelson