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Changing World

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Change, Gods Ways

“Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8) (NLT)

Every time I looked out my window or door this week there was a huge, lovely purple Crepe Myrtle tree in my view. I would exalt God for that gorgeous example of His beautiful world. It seemed I couldn’t sing and magnify His praises enough for the joy those brilliant blooms brought me.

Today when I peeked out there again the bright purple tree was blooming, but close to it was my ten year-old granddaughter, Mary Kathryn who had fallen from her bicycle. We could tell from the pain in her voice that major damage had been done. Her mother brought her in the house and began cleaning the injuries, but soon decided from the swelling and discomfort that she must see a doctor.

Sure enough her arm was broken in two places. A mobile cast was placed on it until she could see an orthopedist in the next couple of days. As I passed that purple crepe myrtle again it occurred to me that much had changed quickly from that incident, but that stately tree stood there in full bloom for all the world to see. Just as lovely as it has been all those times I had gazed at it the past few days.

I thought about how God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Unlike our personal situations he does not change. That beautiful crepe myrtle will soon shed its vibrant blooms and I can no longer adore them every time I step out the door.

Our personal experiences were altered drastically as we hurriedly transported Mary Kathryn to the doctor with her broken arm. But our wonderful Lord we love and serve remains the same. He still loves us and cares for us. His promises of healing, peace and comfort still apply.

As the x-rays were read and the diagnosis was made, I knew in this changing world of circumstances we could still trust our unchanging God.

Melva Cooper