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Gods Ways

Lawn Mowing? Or Lawn Care?

I have a love/hate relationship with my lawn mower. I love the way the grass looks once it is cut. The hate part? Pushing it requires work. It takes energy, it takes time... Besides, there will always be areas where the machine can't get -- like around the bases of...

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Changing Constants

It is a windy, fall day in October, 2017. After several weeks of beautiful Indian summer, mid-October has finally brought some more typical fall weather. It still isn't 100% what we would expect for the fall, however, for although there is a definite fall wind, it...

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The Appalachian Trail

Guide to the Appalachian Trail I settled in the back seat of an Uber car the other day, folded my white cane, and stuffed it in my bag. As I usually do, I began a conversation with the driver. As expected, we became friends. That's because I ask questions that prompt...

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