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Rock in a Hard Place

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Grace

We built a pathway but just off to one side was the tip of a rock deep in the ground. We could not shift it.

It looked as though we could not cover it with dirt to level out the ground without making it higher than the pathway. It seemed doomed to remain an obstacle to anyone who strayed off the path.

We were stuck with a rock we did not want in a place we did not want it.

Dejectedly, we sat and looked at our little rocky projection, all plans on hold.

“It’s the weakest part of our whole plan!” Complained my husband.

“How about,” I suggested tentatively, “we make it a special feature?”

“How?” Asked my husband reluctantly. He knew a lot about my imagination and the impossible schemes I could put forward. He sensed disaster.

“Build a tiny moat around it, paint it bright blue, and fill it with water. Then,” I suggested, warming to the topic, “we can buy a little elf and sit him on top of the rock. It will make quite a charming feature beside the new path.”

“Hmmph,” muttered my husband which meant we would think about it but only in the absence of any better suggestion.

“Well,” I countered testily, “that is exactly what God did. Paul asked God to remove a problem and all God said was ‘my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ (2 Cor. 12:7)The weakest part of the plan can be the most perfect part of it.”

No, we did not build my moat. We found we were able to cover the rock with dirt to level it out.

But when you have a rocky problem, please remember what God is able to do with your rocks.

Elizabeth Price


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