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It wasn’t Mickie!

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Accusation

It was night and time for bed when I decided to go into the kitchen for a glass of milk before retiring. When I snapped on the light, much to my horror something strange scooted across the counter top. It looked a little bit like a large bug or a butterfly. It moved so fast I could not focus my eyes. It was behind the crock pot but as I moved it out to see what was there, it quickly ran down behind the stove. I couldn’t tell what it was for sure but it was gray, and then I saw the tell tale tracks that it left. It wasn’t Mickey but it had his last name.

Now, there is not enough room in this house for me and a mouse. I looked for a trap but remembered that I had gotten rid of the ones I had years ago because we did not have problems with mice. Where had he come from and what was I to do? I was furious. It’s funny how a tiny rodent can turn an otherwise calm woman into a tiger.

Luckily for me, I had spotted him almost as soon as he arrived. He had not yet found any food in the kitchen that he could ruin. He must be caught because even though he was tiny he could do a large amount of damage in a very short time. One little mouse can spoil a whole week’s worth of groceries.

I could not stand the thought of going to bed while he was in here. I left the light on all night in the kitchen because I was sure he would not come out of his hiding place unless it was dark. The next morning, I went to the store and bought four traps. I meant to get that intruder before he invited all his friends and family to join him.

I found the place that was large enough for the little gray trouble maker to get through. I set two traps about six feet apart each with a morsel of food that mice love. The traps were so sensitive that the least little thing, I thought, would trip the spring and solve the problem.

I went about my schedule for awhile and upon returning to check the traps I was flabbergasted. That little beggar had slipped in and eaten the bait. Not from just one but both of the traps which were in different places. He had licked them clean without ever moving the trigger that would spring the trap. A little mouse had out smarted a tiger.

I had been careless and had not anchored the bait. I was speechless. To match wits with a tiny rodent is humiliating. Having him here was like having a sliver in my finger or dirt in my eye which is Irritating until removed. He had to be removed. He did not belong here.

The situation resembles our everyday life. Any unwanted intrusion invading our lives can upset our day and, if we allow it, cause frustration, anger and resentment. Harbored resentments can upset the mind and lead to havoc just like one little mouse can turn a lot good food into garbage. We either have to get rid of such thoughts and feelings or suffer the consequences of their damaging effect on us. Too bad there is no Clorox clean up for the mind. There is, however a remedy which is much easier than using cleaning fluid or a mouse trap. It is called prayer.

I was now ready to prove myself smarter than the average mouse. I had his confidence and this time I had anchored the bait. He would not get off so easy again. Soon I heard the snap of a trap, and I knew I had won. The little mouse was squeakless. Rest in peace little buddy. He is resting in a way that gives me peace of mind.

Often, with an egotistical attitude, we think we are equipped to handle anything that comes our way. Then something catches us unawares and we are shocked. Not necessarily a rodent but a sly old fox called Satan who can trick us unless we are alert to his ways. He will outsmart us by eating away our defenses against temptation and sin without springing the trap until he has our confidence. Then, he will anchor the bait.

However, as Christians, we have one with us who is wiser that Satan. His name is Jesus, and all we need do is pray asking Him for wisdom to see the danger so that we can get away. James 1:5 is the promise. We are not like that little cousin of Mickey. He didn’t have a prayer.

I do not believe I ever did get that glass of milk.

Christian love,

Carolyn Young