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Carolyn Young

A Miracle-Working God

My son and I had gone to Michigan and were bringing my mom and her things back home to Alabama because she was going to live with us. He was driving a U Hall truck and my mom and I were following in my car. All went well until in Nashville, Tennessee the traffic was...

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An Element of Flavor

As a Senior citizen, I often think back to my childhood and the way we improvised, to compensate for lack of money. I smile when I remember the things my brothers and sisters and I did for snacks, so many years ago. It was during the years of the great depression and...

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It wasn’t Mickie!

It was night and time for bed when I decided to go into the kitchen for a glass of milk before retiring. When I snapped on the light, much to my horror something strange scooted across the counter top. It looked a little bit like a large bug or a butterfly. It moved...

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Hump Day

One Wednesday morning I received an unusual wish from a friend in an E-mail that said “ I hope you are having a happy “hump day". I guess the reasons that hump day fits are because by Wednesday we are over the hump and well into the week’s activity. It reminded me of...

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It Got my Attention

It was an otherwise normal day and things were going along fine until the phone rang, and I heard fear and panic in the voice on the other end. When she said, “The woods are on fire!“, I knew there was cause for alarm. Now that might not have been quite as frightening...

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I remember well the day I came into the New York aiort from a trip overseas. I faced the baggage checkers knowing I had lost the key to my suitcase. Just ahead of me they had allowed some people to pass on through but as I followed them a very stern looking clerk...

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