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Celebration of Morning (A Poem)

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Creation, Poems

Just before daybreak is the most mystic and sensuous part
of the day. I step outside with a steaming cup of coffee to quietly
rapture this exotic time.

All is quiet – the wind is perfectly calm, and with darkness
still lingering, I might see a falling star shoot faintly
into the horizon.

As the eastern sky grows lighter with mingled shades of
purple, pink and baby blue, a chill comes over me.
I pull my robe tighter – snuggle the warm cup closer, and sip.

The breeze feels brisker now on my face and the hillside is
glowing with streaming rays of yellow and gold, as that big
orange fireball comes peaking over the horizon!

In awe of witnessing nature’s magnificent show, I realize how
small I am – insignificant – only a tiny speck on this mighty
earth – in this massive universe.

And yet so complex – so privileged – and grateful, to be a
small part of His divine creation.

Awakening from my trance, I notice birds are singing and
feeding in the crisp morning air.
And my cold cup is empty of coffee, but my heart is full of
warmth and inspiration.

Thank you God, for another day!

Written by Mary Conner 08/27/04