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  Badge of Honor A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Value

We once bestowed a badge of honor on those who performed,
an act of courage, saved a life; perhaps a life transformed.

Our greatest heroes were men of valor, whose lives were above reproach,
who received medals, proudly worn upon their coats.

Where are the heroes today, whose coat upon a medal pinned?
Where are the valiant, honorable, most noble men?

Those who qualify, are fading into the past.
What’s left, would scarcely dignify the title,
much less fulfill the task.

Our children were taught to respect, those of advanced years,
those in authority; parents, officials or peers.

Currently, there is little respect for elderly, clergy or police.
No surprise, since television and movies portray them
as abnormal, fools and thieves.

Our history books, now altered from fact to fiction,
once recorded stories of men and woman of distinction.
They were model citizens with principles by which to live.

No commendation did they receive, their creed was to give.
Their actions were out of concern for others, not for self-gratification.

As a result they were regarded with deep appreciation;
proof of the motto we learned in school,
the old familiar “Golden Rule”,

do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

And so we’re back where we began, a badge of honor
for the greatest of men; a way of bestowing gratitude
on those of courage and a caring attitude.
But in this “what’s-in-it-for-me?” Era of self-ism
there are few examples of heroism.

The so-called heroes of today, exhibit no such qualities of compassion.

“Rescue the wounded” is just not in fashion.
Adversely, in this self-centered age, their rebellious, contemptuous acts,
more closely resemble maniacal rage.

Lord, take us back to a country whose been blessed by God the Father,
Whose judgment is best.

For only a country whose God is the Lord will prosper and be blessed by God.
When will we realize what we need is the LORD?

We’ve rebelled against our Heavenly Father and disobeyed His word.
Our eyes have been blinded and we’ve embraced ways of the devil.

We’ve sacrificed what’s good and right and given place to evil.
Our forefathers bled and died for what they believed in.

Can we do any less for the cause of freedom?
They were truly men of valor, men of every nation and color.
On whom do we pin a “Badge of Honor” in a world gone mad?

This evil: abortion, homosexuality, corrupt politicians, is it destroying us?
It makes me wonder and it makes me sad.

Lord help us break the bonds of evil asunder;
give us true heroes, on which to pin the highest of praise,



by N. Berry Nov. 1998