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  America I Love You A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Trials

America, my native land, I pledge my love for you,
you are the shining city on a hill, such stories good and true.

You’ve provided a safe haven for those who sought your shores,
freedom they had never known till they reached your open doors.

You saved countless numbers, and gave shelter from the storm,
determined to protect them, from those who would do them harm.

We’ve not been the greatest stewards; we’ve not treated you with care.
We’ve taken you for granted and fell prey to the enemy’s snares.

We watched silently as they burned our flag, so valiantly she served,
She’s been shot at, stomped on and turned to ashes,
treatment she never deserved.

They’ve removed the Ten Commandments,
taken prayer out of schools.
Every day four thousand babies die,
for what our un-Godly Supreme Court ruled.

We’ve been helpless as our children used cocaine and marijuana,
they’re only doing what they see on Prime Time television drama.

We’ve watched our Judeo/Christian values being torn apart and mocked.
If our Founding Fathers could come back,
They would be devastated and shocked.

We can’t blame others entirely; we must blame ourselves as well,
We, in the Christian Community, let our country go to hell.

Have we been vigilant about our freedoms
to worship as we choose?
Have we taken the time to read our Constitution?
Our rights have been abused.

No such thing as “Separation of Church and State”,
It’s not in the Constitution.
How could your people be blinded by such a Satanic delusion?

Our service men and women are fighting and dying for our rights.
Can we do any less here at home, than be informed
and preserve the freedoms for which they fight?

If they are willing to risk their lives, in a distant foreign land,
why can’t we be as courageous and, by God’s grace take a stand?

If they are willing to die, to protect these hallowed shores,
we should count it a privilege, to know our rights, and more,

to go the extra mile, to pray, to intercede.
Our freedoms are a blessing, but they are not free.

Though you have your faults, no other country could I call home.
America, I love you, my country, my own.

America I Love You-


author Nell Berry- 2002