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I Know He Arose

by | Jan 9, 2016 | Poems, Salvation

My Savior died but He arose as he told us so

His disciples couldn’t believe that He did

He showed them His nail scarred hands and feet

They were in awe and they knew death was a defeat

That every word He had told them was true

He arose and was no longer in the tomb

There is so much I do not know, I just have to assume

I know that He arose and will come again one day

To take me with Him because that is what He said

I know that He arose that day, He lives in my heart

What a joy and peace I feel when I know we are never apart

He arose that day and stunned the world

When He comes again as He has promised He will

What a joy that will be for His children to live

Forever in Heaven with Him so real I know He arose

Happy Easter to all because He arose

©Sarah Berthelson

[email protected]

He loves you and so do I