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by | Oct 18, 2014 | Forgiveness, Persecution, The Command and the Call (A Mini-Series)

Continuing with a series on Christian response to persecution, today’s let’s focus at a Biblical example of perfectly dealing with enemies as strong as us

In organizations (be it even army) people keep a watchful eye on the career path of their peers. If their seniors get promoted, no problem but if their peers get promoted, even if meritoriously…Boy all hell breaks loose…inside them… that is. Envy and peer pressure (they are bedfellows, you see) are an explosive mix. As someone remarked wisely “If you turn green with envy, it means you are ripe for trouble” Envy and peer pressure can get to anybody. Well, it got to colleagues (having equal administrative powers) of a faithful Jew diligently working his way up the career ladder (Daniel 6). So welcome once again to this oft-repeated remarkable story of Daniel in Lion’s den, which throws up wonderful insights, each and every time it is studied!

Now it is one thing to play political tricks to hinder your competitor’s progress and it is quite another thing to hatch a diabolical plot aimed at snuffing out his life itself! Well Daniel’s enemies, chose the latter option…sad for them!

Being well aware of their conspiracy (even Daniel’s juniors’ joined hands in the plot, ostensibly at the prompting of Daniel’s peers, who were the main villains), do we see Daniel praying for God’s curses to come upon his enemies! NO! Neither in his private chambers before his arrest nor in the Lions den, do we see Daniel nursing an iota of bitterness in his heart. He leaves it all to omniscient and an omnipotent God and the result? The fellows, who expected Daniel to make up the dinner of the famished lions the previous evening, end up being the ready breakfast for the hungry predators, the very next morning (Dan 6:24)! Enemies of God’s chosen ones’ (I Peter 2:9) beware…His special lot, would seem innocuous for all practical purposes but behind them stands a God who can be more dangerous than a roaring lion (Hosea 11:10)… at breakfast time, if I may add!

Suresh Manoharan


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