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Make Life Easier

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Word of God

He was being rebellious. He wanted to throw off all the restrictions placed on him by the family code. He claimed he wanted to live the way nature intended.

Finally his dad turned to him and asked, ‘Do you like making bushfires in your life? Why don’t you make it easier for yourself son?’

The son just looked rebelliously puzzled so the dad went on, ‘It’s in the family code,’ he said. ‘Your surroundings will be what you make them. Understand that there is cause and effect and be responsible for getting the outcome you want.

‘If you want to enjoy the moonlight and the surf and horse riding through the forest, as well as having food on the table, you have to nurture the land.

‘You need the creatures of the forest, the fish of the rivers and the birds that carry seed each do their proper work to make the world what it is.

‘The plants for the veggies on your plate and the trees for your oranges and peaches need cultivating. They must not clog the service areas. They are to be accessible for food.

‘Enjoy nature by all means, but keep it under control. If you don’t, you will have waterways that flood because they are ignored or neglected. Or you will have bushfires that destroy the food chain and the homes of every creature including your own.

‘It’s all in the family code son, and if you keep to the code, you will make life easier for yourself.’

I listened to the voice of reason that came from the father of the rebellious son and looked up the family code book. There it was, stark and clear. It had stood the test of time and it was the way that made life easier.

The family code said to fill the earth and subdue it, have dominion over the fish, the birds, and every living thing. All the plants and trees are for your food and theirs.

It was put there in the first place to make life easier and it has never changed. You can read it in Genesis 1:28-30.

Elizabeth Price