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Father Forgive Them

by | Jan 16, 2016 | Forgiveness

A friend of mine was upset because she had been unjustly released from her job…she wasn’t sure how to react.  This is what I shared with her…..


I know you are upset now in shock, but let me say this to you, the Word says that we should rather suffer a wrong then to try to justify ourselves or have revenge. I want to share something with you.  The car I just bought, it has major problems and the dealer I bought it from doesn’t want to fix it.  It will cost a small fortune, and I was angry.  Its not as devastating as your story, but I am going to make a point here.  I was SO angry!  He wronged me.  He was not up front or honest, and it is going to COST me . . . Well, the Lord began to talk to me about my anger and how to react to people who wrong you . . . It was a “God moment”!

He reminded me about Job and how Job’s friends were unjust with him, and how they wronged him, and how God told his friends that they should make a sacrifice and ask Job to pray for them or He would destroy them.  And God told Job to PRAY for his friends.  Now Job wasn’t healed BEFORE he prayed, he was healed AFTER he obeyed God and prayed and forgave and asked God to forgive them.

Then God restored to Job DOUBLE what he had lost, AFTER he prayed for his friends, because the Word says that if a THIEF is caught he must restore DOUBLE what he stole, and we know that Satan came to steal and kill and destroy.  Now Job would have been justified in being angry.  God had told his friends that UNLESS Job prayed for them that He would DESTROY them, and Job could have let God do that.  He had reason.  He could have kept his anger…

But if he had done that THREE things would have happened:

First:  Job would have remained on the ash heap, scratching his sores.  He would not have received healing;

Second: The three friends would have been destroyed; and

Third: The whole community would have been affected because they knew Job to be a man of God and were watching to see what was going to happen.  But instead, he obeyed God, and when he did, God healed him and restored to him double what was stolen from him.  He spared Job’s friends, and the community saw the glory of God manifested in Job’s life.

The Lord took me to a process for dealing with people who have been unjust to me.  For me, it was perfect timing.  I had to deal with my anger toward the man who sold me this car.

God showed me 4 steps:

1. Forgive and RELEASE them. That means you don’t HOLD them responsible.  You let it go.  You live with the consequences of their actions against you.  You can’t ask mercy for your sins and justice for those who sin against you. God says, “whose sins you retain, they are retained, and whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven.” (John 20:23).  You have to forgive and release.  Vengeance belongs to God and God’s brand of vengeance, since the Cross is MERCY.

2. Ask GOD to forgive them.  Remember Jesus said “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34).  And He was talking about the people who had nailed Him to the Cross, not just someone who ripped Him off for some money or offended Him.

3. Pray that no judgement comes on them for their actions. Release them from just retribution.  Remember the Word says that God will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.  There is a penalty for coming against a child of God, but you want to walk in MERCY toward them as God has toward you.  Remember “to the merciful, He will show Himself to be merciful.” (Matt. 5:7). Pray this prayer: “Father I ask that NO judgments, curses, or penalties come upon (name the offender). I release them. They owe me nothing”

4. You BLESS them.  Bless their lives, their ministry, their work, their family, their marriage, their homes, their health.  Remember God says that in blessing He will bless and in cursing He will curse.  If you want a blessing, you need to bless your enemies.  “do GOOD to those who hate you . . .” (Luke 6:27).

And then stand back and watch how God restores to you DOUBLE . . .

Lorraine St.John

Porch & Altar Ministries London, Ontario Canada…. “Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep between the porch and the altar; and let them say , have mercy and spare Your people, oh Lord” Joel 2:17