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Rebuilding Day

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Renewal

Something drew me back that way, 

I visited the place where I grew up today. 

I saw houses, stores, and people I knew I’d meet, 

At the center of town I turned down that street. 

What I saw there nearly knocked me down, 

Our great church had burned to the ground.

Then suddenly, I saw myself in the rubble there, 

My faith, like that building, was ashes and despair. 

It once was strong, but like that building, 

Brick by brick, I had let it get withered and sick.

And my God drew me back to this place, 

To see, like this building, 

The Church, in me, lay in disgrace, 

I bowed my head in shame, 

Then I heard, Just call on “My Name”. 

Then I knew what to do, 

I knelt beside what once was a pew, 

I asked for forgiveness, I asked for God’s love, 

I asked for the mercy which comes from the Son, 

It seemed we talked for hours today, 

As I wept, and listened, and prayed. 

And then… 

The one whom I’d pierced with my sin, 

Offered to make me whole again. 

He said I could walk with Him all of my days, 

As I stood to my feet and I offered Him praise. 

I’m so glad I came this way, 

For praise God, He rebuilt His Church Today!


Peter D. Mallett 

c.2005 Tidewater Christian Writers Forum Norfolk Virgnia


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