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Praise to my King

All in stillness Awaits the time Of God's great gift of love. He left His throne He came to earth And died upon the cross. He came to set His people free From sin and doubt and shame. Forevermore My heart will sing The Praises of my King! by Donna J. Howard (Published...

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Love’s the REason He Came

Love's the Reason that He Came So gently, Lord, You came to earth And graced us with Your Holy birth. You left Your home in heaven above, To teach us of the Father's love. You lived among us meek and mild. Your life was pure and undefiled. You taught us how to love...

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My God, My God, My King

Jesus, how I love You. You gave Your life for me. You left Your heavenly home above, And came to set me free. You knew my heart was sinful. You knew that I was lost. I could not go to heaven, for I could not pay the cost. You paid the price the Father asked. You gave...

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‘Tis Thanksgiving

Tis Thanksgiving My eyes viewed the sea of Autumn that lay before us, and I pondered the hearts of the first Pilgrims. Surely, they must have stopped all their busies and chatter, their new adventures and clatter, to give thanks for safety and the magnificence of...

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Let me go. Let go of me. Let me run far from here. To a place where I am not necessary. Where I can be alone, without expectations; Without the frustrations, of being here. Of being everything to all of you, of being continually emptied. Let me go. Let me go, to a...

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With heaven as His throne and the earth Jis footstool; How do we reach, to touch, the hem of Jis robe? If we are but dust and He the Creator; How do we look at Him? How low must we bow? With heaven so far, and our own life and death unconceivable; How do we know… what...

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Teach me how to Pray, Lord

There is so much I need to say To ask forgiveness this very day Teach me to Pray Lord Give me some guidance as I kneel to pray For some reason I do not know what to say Just give me a sign as I try to find the words To express my failures and lack of concern Teach me...

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Bleeding Heart

(1 John 1:7) ”But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with One another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.” Tiny jewels dangle from slender vines Pink sapphire hearts bleed Drops of glistening diamonds All...

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Lord of the Lambs

Oh Lord of the Lambs Shepherd of Your flock… We wander lost and You find us When we stray we are pulled back When we are weary You carry us And when we tarry behind, You wait. When we hunger You lead us to pastures new When we are thirsty You source for us a stream...

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Our Only God

He cares to be with us, Wanting to feel our love. He has a perfect Heaven, Which is only above. We should desire Him, And desire His care. We need to understand, For His soul surrounds us like air. He is the one, Who is gentle and kind. He always understands, With the...

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