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  A Dark Weekend A Poem 

They found the innocent  guilty.  Pilate knew! But people-added to the band wagon  overlooking  truth, flew  to add to His affliction.  Spite was their addiction. That weekend-started out so dark  where He hung on a tree,  a T-shaped form of bark.  He died between two...

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I forgot my Lord in the summer time, Just the time I was needed most. I was not away, but on each Lord’s Day I just failed to be at my post. I forgot my church in the summer time, As I lazily lay in bed, While the faithful few had my work to do, And I was spiritually...

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  I Love You, Lord A Poem

I love You, Lord, my heart cries.You’re my redeemer and my friend. You are always near me,And Your love will never end.You bring me through the valleys,You fill my heart with cheer.I am truly blessed, Dear Lord,Because You’re always near.Your love is always...

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The Proper Perspective

One day I stood on the high hill Overlooking my little town. From that lofty height I saw anew Just how small and insignificant I am. Spread out before me in the valley below Everything was of infinitesimal size All possessions, people, buildings and such I saw that...

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Rebuilding Day

Something drew me back that way,  I visited the place where I grew up today.  I saw houses, stores, and people I knew I'd meet,  At the center of town I turned down that street.  What I saw there nearly knocked me down,  Our great church had...

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Will I Have a Good Year?

Will I have a good new year? Is there any way to tell? Consider the following: If I can help save someone from an eternity in hell, If my faith in Jesus is on display and not merely an empty shell, If I can speak loudly about my faith, and not even have to yell. If my...

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His Hands

A tiny baby reaches His little hands for His mother’s touch. As she snuggles Him against her breast He reaches out and holds her finger In His soft, tiny hands. His hands... Reaching out to hold His mother’s hand As He toddles around the house, then holding The...

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Thanksgiving Blessing

T - Is for the Tons of Blessings that I receive each day. H - Stands for these Hands that fold, when I begin to pray. A - Means all the Awesome powers our Lord has from above. N - Stands for His Never ending patience and His Love. K - Is for the Kindness and...

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