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  Spring is Here A Poem

We always look forward to Spring The sun will shine as we go outside to swing It is a wonderful time of the year The cold weather is gone, the birds are singing Spring is here I feel God's presence so clearly today It is so awesome I do not know what to say I know...

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  Somewhere Over the Rainbow A Poem

Somewhere, over the rainbow, High above, There’s a place that I heard of, When I heard of God’s love! Somewhere, over the rainbow, Things are new, And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true!   Someday, I’m going far away, And all my troubles will be...

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  Shame on Me A Poem

I didn't want to go to work this morning, when I got up my back hurt; Then I thought of Jesus' back as He laid there in the dirt.  Shame on me   My legs felt like they wouldn't hold me, couldn't go another step; Then I thought of Jesus' legs carrying that cross as His...

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  Satan the Tempter A Poem

Satan's a deceiver, a liar, and a cheat. He has skills in mass destruction and is the master of deceit. He will offer you the world, if you'll fall down and worship him; If you'll fulfill his evil wishes and cater to his vicious whims. He will temp you into doing...

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  Reaping the Harvest A Poem

The Bible says we'll reap what we sow. So, plant good seeds if you want them to grow. The harvest we'll reap when we plant good seeds; Come from sowing God's word and from doing His deeds. If you plant bad seed, they won't grow; there's no doubt. (fleshly seed) It's...

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  Prepare ye the Way A Poem

Oh, Great and Mighty Father, Who rules from up on High; Such mighty times of power, Such miracles which draweth nigh. We look to You for guidance; We long to follow after Your heart. Show us, now, Dear Father, how we are to go forth, and do our part. Lord, lead us...

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  Perfection A Poem

I am that which can not be, What you try to achieve is me. But lo' though ancient valleys untold, lies the mysteries of the very old. So listen to me, you who would, to the stories of those who thought they could. Fall not upon the ground of sod, where others who...

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