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  Into the Night A Poem  

Into the night, His sheep weep and morn,Needing a Savior, but not to Him born.One day they will know Him true and well,Then to many others the story will tell.There will be comfort of ways and thought.Then all the darkness shall be in naught.Many shall sing to glory,...

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  I Watch for You A Poem  

As a child watches for her father, so I watch for You.Ever ready to follow. . . To do. . . . What it is, You wish me to do.Humbly, Father, I await, and watch for the sign. Truly, I know that I am Yours, and that You are mine.So, I sit here by the window, opened wide,...

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  In the Valley A Poem  

Deep in the stillness of a thankful heart, we see our Father best!He sends us comfort, and blesses us, with peace, and love, and rest.The valleys we are passing through, will lead to the mountain top; if we decide to regain our strength, and not grow weary and...

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  I Believe in the Song A Poem  

What would we do, without the light, the light which shows the Way?How would we keep our steps from stumbling, as we step out, each day?With our hand in God's, we can rest assured, that anything we face, we can surely endure!The days are troubled, the times may be...

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  Humility A Poem  

Jesus, it's hard for me to put me on the shelf. To be honest, I do enjoy talking about myself.   I do some very interesting things, you know. And, after all, others even tell me so! Still, I have this disturbing feeling that I really need to grow! And then, you...

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  I am no Poet A Poem  

I am no poet. I know it.   Words written down Without a sound.   Smile as I write Trying with all my might.   To show all His Truth. To share His love. From God above.   Easy in many ways, Unlike a maze.   Simple for all Listen to His call.   Just open your heart....

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  Holy, Holy, Holy A Poem  

It is a terrible thing Falling Tumbling Do you need saving? What from? You say! The Living God Holy is He No stain Before Him All have fallen Who can then be saved? Run to Jesus Time is of the essence His perfume Joy Time is of the essence Jesus is the answer Mighty...

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