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  Heart of a Child A Poem  

Sometimes, it isn't enough, just to lay down the law;It's the practice of it yourself, which makes them understand it all.It isn't a word of criticism, or the hot lash of the tongue; But an understanding heart, a willing spirit to teach, when day is done. A little...

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  He is Risen A Poem  

My Lord Jesus Christ died on that cross He was stoned and beaten and never did He boast That He was dying that you and I may not be lost He Is RisenThree days laters two Mary's went to the grave He was not there and they were not brave They ran to others to tell what...

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  Good Master A Poem  

Jesus, good master, that, you are! Even when life should scar; even when the journey seems too far; even when I tire and the enemy still wants to spar;   even when I lose precious things and they become impossible to find; even though I sometimes have a troubled or...

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  God’s Little Lamb A Poem

So long ago and far away, in a town called Bethlehem, A child was born on Christmas Day; God's precious little lamb. Three wise men got word of this wonderful news. So, they came to worship their King of the Jews.They had followed a bright star, in the East, all the...

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Every single eveningAs I'm lying here in bed,This tiny little PrayerKeeps running through my head:God bless all my family Wherever they may be,Keep them warm and safe from harmFor they're so close to me.And God, there is one more thingI wish that you could do;Hope you...

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  From Scars to Stars A Poem  

From the rocks of sin, Jesus found us sinking in waves of despair When we bowed our head to the Savior, He was faithful to meet us there. Sin had left a crimson stain and scars upon our sin sick soul, But Jesus came to wash them away His love is the greatest, one...

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