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Our Only God

He cares to be with us, Wanting to feel our love. He has a perfect Heaven, Which is only above. We should desire Him, And desire His care. We need to understand, For His soul surrounds us like air. He is the one, Who is gentle and kind. He always understands, With the...

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On His Mind

With arms open wide, Jesus suffered and died; And not one word of revenge did He speak. With His flesh torn apart, we remained in His heart; He kept silent and turned the other cheek. And while He hung on that cross, we remained on His mind. He bore the sins of the...

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Naaman the Syrian

Covered in my leprous botch to the prophet I came Laden with gifts and presents, all trappings of my fame But he disregarded my cultural prejudice and pride Sent me a cryptic message, but did not come outside. Chorus:- Dip, Naaman,dip; dip Naaman, dip, Into the...

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My Thanksgiving

My eyes viewed the sea of Autumn that lay before us,and I pondered the hearts of the first Pilgrims. Surely, they must have stoppedall their busies and chatter, their new adventures and clatter, to give thanks for safety and magnificence of Autumn’s attire. The...

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My Special Valentine

Lord, You are my Valentine; The one that I adore. You gave your life up, just for mine; You thought I was worth dying for. There's no greater love on earth Than the love You've shown for me; And I could search this whole world over, From sea to shining sea. Your...

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My Protector

The Lord is my strength, my shield and rock I call Him all that and so much more He keeps His promises to the last word Like now, my life is just enough proof. I tell Him, “Father, take this away from me” I close my eyes and it is gone that bothers me I tell Him, “My...

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My Prayer

To see the children grow in grace, To look the whole world in the face, To leave a path others can trace, This is my prayer. To feed the hungry, warm the cold, To comfort the infirm and old. To spend myself, but not for gold, This is my prayer. To succour those in...

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Merry Christmas, My Friend

As I send this message your way I have something to say It is Christ birthday and nothing else Merry Christmas My Friend Let's not let the world tell us what to do We buy more than anyone needs So may we plant some Christmas seed Do not act like the world because He...

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‘God puts the lonely in families’. To me I understood it to be read, as; ‘He finds a family for the lonely, (if He wills it)’, but perhaps on reflection, that’s not all, that was meant. Perhaps as I sit here alone, longing for a comforting arm, aching for...

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Jesus Son of God

A Savior was born on a winter day, Born of little Mary, to come our way. God sent His Son, to save us from sin, Even though, we sin, again and, again. He will sit upon Heavens’ throne forever. Satan cannot stop this King of Kings, never. Jesus rules on the Heavenly...

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