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INSIDE: I like to live inside myself. I make it beautiful there. I take the dirty washing and make it clean. I take the shambles and the stumbles and I put them into order; learn how to walk purposefully again. I like to live inside myself, where I talk to myself in...

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Jesus Christ is Mine

He was alive before my time. He lived with God on high. He made me with a loving hand, But then He breathed a sigh. I did not love Him like I should. Some things I did were wrong. But He would not abandon me. His love for me was strong. He took my sins upon Himself,...

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In the Mirror

“You say I surprise you with My gifts. Encouragement at the moment it’s needed, insight to your heart’s deepest thoughts, comfort laid directly on the hurting parts. ‘How did you know?’, I feel you say, ‘how did you know God that I was caught? Caught up in the web of...

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I Shall not Fear

Creases lined my doctor's face He took my hand in his Gently speaking, words thundering, he said “I'm sorry, you have cancer!' Questions raced through my mind Would I suffer with pain? Would I lose my hair? Would I die? Fear snapped like a vicious dog! Later, at home,...

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If Jesus Didn’t Die

Immortality, no one ever offers or even buys, No comfort for the grieving mother who cries; Her child, forever lost, who dies. Can you tell her this, as you look into her eyes? Can you tell her that, at best, her child's end is maggots and flies? Your pastor is a...

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I Called to God

I called to God He said you'll do Just follow my Son He'll lead you thru Leave behind your trivial sin The door is open Come on in But Father, I called My sins they are many No worries my child All is forgiven. Jeffrey McGovern

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I Know He Arose

My Savior died but He arose as he told us so His disciples couldn't believe that He did He showed them His nail scarred hands and feet They were in awe and they knew death was a defeat That every word He had told them was true He arose and was no longer in the tomb...

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His Hands

A tiny baby reaches His little hands for His mother's touch. As she snuggles Him against her breast He reaches out and holds her finger In His soft, tiny hands. His hands.. Reaching out to hold His mother's hand As He toddles around the house, then holding The...

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His Call

You saw my sins and failures; At times they broke Your heart. I did not know my failures Were keeping us apart. And then one day You called me, And asked me to repent And take You as my Savior For that’s why You were sent. You told me that You loved me. You showed me...

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He Took my Place

"The Lamb of God, my substitute, sacrificed for me, once, for all." (Hebrews 9:28) He took my place on a cross of wood, He who had done nothing but good: Betrayed, denied, deserted by all, Rejected- outside the city wall. I was the one who broke the rule, Lived as I...

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