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All things are possible with God!


Seeking Understanding

"For this reason he had to be made like his brothers in every way..." (Hebrews 2:17) When I was younger, and my Mom would be trying to get a point across, she would say, "Someday when you are a mother, you will understand." These days my daughter will occasionally say...

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The Seatbelt

A few years ago before my wife retired from nursing, she was getting ready to leave the parking lot after her days work. She noticed an older gentleman driving out before her onto the main road. He had only gone a very short distance when he stopped and put on his...

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Seasonal Affect Disorder

Though undiagnosed, I know that I suffer from an element of Seasonal Affect Disorder, also known as SAD. SAD is defined as a mood disorder that affects people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year, bringing on mild to significant symptoms of...

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The Root and the Tree

It was our last camping hurrah of the season, and though it was mid-October, the weather was beautifully warm and clear. A perfect weekend to be out in nature. Our camping site was excellent; the only problem was that it would take some careful maneuvering to back our...

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