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All things are possible with God!


When God says to Wait…

Are you in a holding pattern right now?Waiting for things can be unpleasant. I dislike waiting in long lines or when the car in front of me isn't paying attention when the advanced green light flashes, or when I order my coffee black and there's cream and sugar in...

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Culture Of The Heart

The Eternal King, as a Family of Three, had a culture by which they lived and they wanted it to continue in all other dominions. They travelled to an uninhabited place and lingered there. Together, they set out the form of their culture in this new-to-be-inhabited...

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The Bellbird, Part 1

We were entering a campground in Eden, a small town on the southeast coast of New South Wales in Australia, when we first heard, in the air all around us, the silvery tolling of tiny bells. When we looked around, however, there were no bells to be seen... I asked the...

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