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Written By Kids

Why I Like Christmas

I like Christmas very much. If you tried to guess why I like Christmas, you would probably say, "He likes opening the presents!" Well, your wrong. I like this holiday because on this day Jesus came to this earth to save us. If it wasn't for what He did, then His...

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  Shame on Me A Poem

I didn't want to go to work this morning, when I got up my back hurt; Then I thought of Jesus' back as He laid there in the dirt.  Shame on me   My legs felt like they wouldn't hold me, couldn't go another step; Then I thought of Jesus' legs carrying that cross as His...

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The Garage Sale

I lived in a condominium for most of my adult life, so when I finally moved into my house I couldn't wait to have a garage sale! I spent weeks going through closets and storage areas to gather items for the sale, and then putting price tags on everything. I was...

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