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Conspiracy Theories

Each time I turn on the radio or internet, I am inundated with news about Covid-19 and new developments. It seems my social media feeds are peppered with conspiracy theories which verge on the scary but are closer to ridiculous. There are accusations of government...

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One Bad Apple

I was at my desk following my morning routine the other day. The screen reader installed in my computer readPsalm 34 to me. (This is because I'm blind and use a screen reader to operate my computer). So, there I was, delighting in God's Word while I munched on my...

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Plan “A”…or Plan “G”?

As many of you who have been reading this post for a few months can probably already guess, I am a type "A" personality. I prefer to be a well-organized, I like to make plans well in advance, and because I am well aware of the fact that things don't always go as...

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The Speech Impediment

"I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go; I will guide thee with mine eye." (Psalm 32:8) The year I taught a class of 4-year old kindergarten students, I think I learned far more than they did. One little boy in the class just could not say...

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Innocence and Wisdom

I was walking out of a local library recently when I heard the most wonderful sound in the world. It was children laughing. The Kindergarten class had just gone out for recess on a warm, Autumn afternoon. They were running, shouting, and playing with all the joy...

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