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Under Attack

Are you engaged in battle with an enemy unseen? Perhaps your battle is against anxiety, fear, panic, or a combination of all three. Maybe you're not trusting God the way you should, or suffer from issues with your faith? If so, then you're not alone. As believers in...

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How to Overcome Depression 

Why do folks feel depressed during the holidays? Maybe trying to overcome depression adds to the pressure of life. My neighbor and I stood in front of the mailboxes near the sidewalk, chatting about life. She sighed. "Things are bad all around. More shootings all the...

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Because He Lives

As the sun began to send forth its pink and orange tendrils that Easter morning, I found myself being drawn outside for a walk in the sunrise. It was a glorious morning. There was just enough wind to stir the air. The birds raised their voices in songs of praise as...

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What to do when Feeling Overwhelmed

Life ain't all roses--and it won't be in the upcoming new year. The other morning, hubby and I walked hand in hand to the park for our morning exercise stroll. "It's going to be a stressful day," he said, "got a report to finish and don't have all the information..."...

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What to do in the Storms of Life

Decades ago, while still in my hometown of La Paz, Bolivia, birthday celebrations were a big thing. With a handful of invitations, I ran from house to house on the dirt streets where my friends lived. Anticipation danced in my heart as I delivered them with pride...

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The Best Part

I was delighted to find celeriac in the local farmer's market this morning. This strange-looking root vegetable, also called turnip-rooted celery, knob celery, and sometimes celery root, is a variety of celery cultivated for its edible roots, hypocotyl, and shoots. As...

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