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A Beautiful Gift

My mother taught me the basic stitches of embroidery when I was young, and I have continued doing this needlework all my life.  It is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby, and I glory in the colourful threads and canvas, slowly revealing its beautiful pattern.  In case...

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What you can do Today

I was the third car back in a long line. We were stuck in the middle of town while the water company dug through the pavement to reach a leaking water line. I looked around the street while I waited not knowing that I was about to witness a minor miracle. As I looked...

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When We See God Smile

I'm dancing in my blindness and rejoicing in my disability. Crazy statement, isn't it? But I think you'll agree with the reason I have joy dancing in my soul. First, my friend, who has been there for me for years, always answers, "No problem...that was easy," each of...

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Works, Works or Works?

Scenario No. 1:  A child has just become a victim of a hit and run accident.  Now, laying in the middle of the road, with traffic coming. Their back could be injured, making it not safe to move them. You begin to pray, "Oh, dear God, 'help me'...

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