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Start the Car!

Imagine for a moment that you've just stepped into the most amazing store ever. It could be electronics, clothing, shoes, home furnishing, or whatever peaks your interest. Then picture yourself finding the most incredible piece of retail bliss you could fathom. I'll...

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The Pumpkins

The 12 year-old girl who lives next door grew an abundant crop of pumpkins this year. Now this particular girl is quite kindhearted, and she wishes to share them--for free! It was with this spirit that she offered me--someone who has done nothing to deserve such a...

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How to Find True Love

Looking for love in all the wrong places. Remember that song popular a few years back? The lyrics resonated with millions because they probably did that very thing. The other day, I looked in hubby's direction, fist planted on my hip. "You mean you wouldn't get up in...

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Resetting the Mileage

I'm having fun with my new (to me!) tow vehicle. It has a feature where I can see exactly what kind of gas mileage I am getting, both in the moment, and in an accumulative average since the last time it was reset. Because I am environmentally-conscience, I take...

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