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Seven Charts

I had seven charts to write, and if I wanted to have time for a lunch break, I only had an hour to write them. It might have been a possible task, but when 50 minutes had gone by and I had only finished four charts, I knew that my grumbling stomach would be...

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Just the Two of Us

There he was, the main character, doing what he does best as the stunt man for one of the most popular action-packed shows in Disney World. Among the audience of thousands, on the third row, nestled in her grandma's lap, his 3-year-old daughter's eyes danced with...

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has Forgotten Me

" . . .The LORD has forsaken me, the Lord has forgotten me." (Isa 49:14) A common theme that often emerges as I read through the daily prayer requests in this newsletter is one of despair.  "I feel so far from God!" "I need to know God cares, because it doesn't...

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