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How Strong are You?

The small squirrel, scurrying like crazy to get out of our way on the walkway, holding onto a good-sized pine cone; he wasn't about to lose his treasure! Amazing that he could grasp and drag something almost as large as he was. And how many times have you seen an ant,...

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Recognizing the Power of our Words

I was in my kitchen busy chopping onions for my favorite salmon dish the other day as I listened to a photographer being interviewed on the radio. He had gone into an odd adventure. After asking permission of dozens of folks, he took photographs of the inside of their...

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How to Overcome Insecurities

As a teenager, I wish I had known how to overcome not only insecurities, but self-doubt and timidity, too. Like my monogrammed purse, I carried them everywhere. You would expect that at my age, I would have conquered them. Not so. “It’s upside down, hanging on the...

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The Loving, The Wise and the Brave

Oh Jesus! If only America would be truly wise! Then we would not believe the lies. We would not be ignorant as each unborn child dies. Oh Jesus! If only America were loving and kind. Then we would have innocent children in the womb always on each mind. Room for the...

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The Avenues of Light

One of the pastors at my church recently said that this must be the era of inflatable lawn ornaments. As I was jogging through my neighbourhood in rural Canada that same evening, it occurred to me that he must be right. So many lawns now display inflatable snowmen,...

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