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To Lose

Why are we so afraid to lose? To surrender back to Him what has always been His.Is it because we think we will not care in this certain way again? Or is it that we’re afraid there will be a day, that we don’t remember them; and it will then be clear, that it was only...

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Time moves on, while we wish we could hold it still. Expand it to retrieve each precious morsel. But nothing still holds its worth. Its value in the passing, and the measuring of its gift. Held in freeze frame,it would only stagnate and shrink. A still pool reflecting...

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Think of Heaven

When you have a day, When all goes wrong, You feel “why me”? Instead, sing a song. Just close your eyes, Take a sigh, Jesus is near, He says, “draw nigh”. Holy Spirit, like a dove, Let yourself feel light, Think of Heaven, One day it will be right. No more sorrow or...

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There at Calary

It was there on Calvary that Jesus died for me. He surely hung upon an old cross, there on a tree. He did nothing to deserve this awful feat, However, He wanted to give us a place at Jesus’ feet. I know I will see and be with Him one day there, Then I can go to Him in...

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The Way

Jesus, our way to the Father, a path alight with his love. Paved with unconditional acceptance, inlaid with promises from above. Come walk the way to the Father. The journey, though it’s not far at all, asks from us trust and vulnerability. It needs us to open a door....

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The Rising Son

The dogwood is a sacred symbol of a Man, most misunderstood. Thinking He was only a False Prophet, they hung Him on this Cross of wood. From that day forward, the tree's branches began growing twisted, and small, its limbs, all bent and weak. Its blood-stained...

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The Christmas Rose

How beautiful is the Red Christmas Rose It was sent for all of those Who believe Jesus is from Heaven above His Red Christmas Rose was given in love. The red color represents the blood He shed The thorns are like the ones which encircled His head In order to set each...

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The Power of Three

The Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost Make up this amazing Trinity. Three nails that held Jesus to the cross; Yes, there's blood saving power in the three. Three wise men came, from far away, Bearing gifts for their Christ Child in the hay. But, little did they know...

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The Birth of a Lamb

Praise God! Praise God! For the birth of His Lamb. That little King of Kings, that was born in Bethlehem. God sent down His only son to pay sins price for everyone, So, Praise God for the birth of His Lamb. Praise God for His wonderful grace; And for sending His...

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The Crowd

They screamed for His’ blood, yelling.........He’s guilty, let Him die; Nail Him to that cross, let Him be crucified. Who does He think He is, claiming to be God’s Son? Carry out His sentence, hurry, let the job be done. A pauper, pretending to be a prince, saying...

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