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New Life

Clay Flowerpots

"As the clay is in the potter's hand, so are you in my hand." (Jeremiah 18:6b) “Hmm, this flower should be growing like crazy, with all this rain lately”, I mused. Sure enough, it had been raining and raining, so with plenty of summer sunshine to go with it, the plant...

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Living Water

Oh, the living waters, those waters so precious and dear! They bring such refreshment, to those who are walking near. Give me a drink of that water, of which I pray I never thirst! The water which flows from the Rock, the water of which my life is purged. Let me walk...

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  The Lord’s Shadow A Poem

I want to go where my Lord goes I want to do what my Lord does In Heaven I want to walk like my Lord walks I want to talk like my Lord talks In Heaven I want to live like my Lord lives I want to love like my Lord loves In Heaven I want to see like my Lord sees I want...

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  Living Lovingly A Poem

Lord, I don’t have much to offer, My talents are few and small. But all I am I give to you. Willingly, I heed your call. Use me today, I pray, dear Lord. Make me a blessing as I go. May all I think, or do, or say, Your great love to others show. Lord, I don’t want to...

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