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New Life

  Inward Beauty A Poem

God is the one and only one Who has a right to look down upon man. He created us all in His image And we're all a part of His plan.   It doesn't matter what color of skin we have Or from which tribe we came, The Savior died for each of us And He loves us all the same....

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  Fruit of the Spirit A Poem

Grow these fruits in me, oh Lord. Let these fruits be my reward.   Let them be sweet and full of seed, so others will want what they most need, so others will want your love and grace, so others will see your smiling face. When others are cruel, in the things they do...

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  An Oak A Poem  

I am called an oak; a pillar of righteousness; simply because My Lord has redeemed me, and I am blessed. I walk in ways of Ancient, I think upon the heavenly things; I am filled with Life's abundance, and all the joy that it brings. I see the moon, The stars perched...

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