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I have found a sweet thing—Ìfé to dún bì ọ̀yìn.When my hand rest on my belly,I can feel your tiny kicksThat tickles me from withinAnd makes ẹ̀rín bubbles out of my mouth.We share the same dreams,We share the same feelings—And our bond of love is made strongerBy the...

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"When one of you says, 'I am a follower of Paul,' and another says, 'I preferApollos,' aren't you acting like those who are not Christians? Who is Apollos, and who is Paul, that we should be the cause of suh quarrels? Why, we're only servants. Through us God aused you...

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The Honorable Christian Woman

A typical woman is a wife and mother. We see such woman in Sarah, in Naomi, in Ruth, in Hannah, in Eunice, in Elizabeth, etc. Some women may be called to more public positions. A queen may adorn a throne. A Florence Nightingale may live as an angel of mercy to the...

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Some Little Marriage Refreshers

Do you know that small gestures, the sorts of things that are easy to neglect can help keep a marriage fresh and vital? Therefore, be counseled to: - a) Spend some minutes finding out about your partner's day at work, church, social function, then will the bridge of...

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  Heather’s Love A Poem

Inspired by a clean teen ralley at church and by a special high school friend met while riding the bus. The fire of desire becomes only a glowing ember, and mid summer night’s love fades to the coldness of December. But the kindnesses of lovers, the things they do and...

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When Love is Not Enough

A married couple appeared in court to finalize their divorce proceedings and as the case continued, the unfaithful, husband seated next to his young, stunning mistress, looked over to his soon to be ex-wife and gazed a few moments. It has been years since he actually...

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Unwise Spender

"And the Lord God said, 'It is not good for man to be alone; I will make a companion for him, a helper suited to his needs.'" (Genesis 2:18, TLB)  "A father can give his sons homes and riches, but only the Lord can give them understanding wives." (Proverbs 19:14,...

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