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  How Loving was I? A Poem

What difference does it make, if all I do is die! Was I foolish, or was I clever? It really doesn't matter, if I really don't live forever! Ah, but Jesus conquered even the grave! So, death is not my master! I am not death's slave! Now, being foolish or being wise,...

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  Heather’s Love A Poem

Inspired by a clean teen ralley at church and by a special high school friend met while riding the bus. The fire of desire becomes only a glowing ember, and mid summer night’s love fades to the coldness of December. But the kindnesses of lovers, the things they do and...

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Growing Old

It's no fun when you're old and gray,  No one wants to listen to what you have to say.  You can't get around the way you used to do,  You must depend on others the whole day through.  It isn't so very funny, just you wait and see,  You may end up in a wheelchair just...

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  Follow My Light A Poem

Follow My light and I'll lead you out, over the mountains to the sea. Lost child of mine, I never left you........ you gave up on Me.   For when you were down to nothing, I was always there; When darkness was all around you, I heard you call out in despair. You...

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  Be My Valentine A Poem

Valentines are given to those that you love I pray we will remember our dear Lord above He is our greatest love on this special day Be my valentine You are my friend and the best that can be God sent you into my life for a reason, you see No other friendship could be...

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