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In the huge scheme of things, bookmarks do not play a very important role. People often fuss about a mislaid book but does anyone fuss about a mislaid bookmark? Any old scrap will do for a bookmark, a scribbled-out shopping list, a bird’s feather picked off the window...

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Blood-thirsty God? Or God of Love?

Why is the God of the Old Testament portrayed as such a blood-thirsty God? It's a question that often comes up: If God is a God of love, then why did He destroy millions of people in the flood? Why did He kill all of Egypt’s firstborn? Why did He command Israel to...

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A Pot of Sauce

My daughter made her first attempt at cooking her great-grandmother's spaghetti sauce the other day and unlike her father she got it perfect the very first time. Using my Nana's family recipe she carefully mixed just the right amount of tomato juice, olive oil,...

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Why Should I Love Them?

Jesus, why should I love them? First, because you did not condemn. Loving them should be my task, First of all, because you ask. Second, I should have the same love as you, my master, Because without your love, they will end in disaster! After all, you were willing to...

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Where God’s Love Will Go

Is there a length, to which, God's love will not go? Is there a depth, for which, God's love is too low? Is there a dark place where God's love and light will not show? Can such a place ever be so? Is there a place where the blood of Jesus will not flow? Is there a...

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The Loving, The Wise and the Brave

Oh Jesus! If only America would be truly wise! Then we would not believe the lies. We would not be ignorant as each unborn child dies. Oh Jesus! If only America were loving and kind. Then we would have innocent children in the womb always on each mind. Room for the...

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Our Gifts of Love

Each time I see a butterfly Or a redbird in a tree, They remind me of the Lord above And nature's gifts He's given me. The beautiful lakes and mountains The ocean's and the seas, All gifts we take for granted, To do with as we please. Just look around at this great...

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  God’s Little Lamb A Poem

So long ago and far away, in a town called Bethlehem, A child was born on Christmas Day; God's precious little lamb. Three wise men got word of this wonderful news. So, they came to worship their King of the Jews.They had followed a bright star, in the East, all the...

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  For This Man I Love A Poem  

From a far distance I see the sun hanging low in shame  I hear the thunder cry as the clouds watch this man die The tears of heaven fall violently upon the earth, created by this Son. I run, I run hard, please please stop! For this man I love He for me came to show...

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