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Is Jesus Really Enough?

I received a peck on the cheek as I hugged a small, frail woman. "Welcome beautiful visitor," she said. She brought small bowls of rice to feed the children who gathered outside her tiny nipa hut nestled in the rural areas of the island of Mindanao, Philippines. In...

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Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Matt. 4:1-12 1.  Problem - Solver - He was tempted by the devil. (Mt. 4:1) 2.  Praise - Director - Worship the Lord, your God (Mt. 4:10)   3.  Provider - My God will supply all your needs (Phil. 4:19)   4.  Purpose Giver - From Him,...

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His Hands

A tiny baby reaches His little hands for His mother's touch. As she snuggles Him against her breast He reaches out and holds her finger In His soft, tiny hands. His hands.. Reaching out to hold His mother's hand As He toddles around the house, then holding The...

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The Rock

No, the rock I am writing about isn't about the professional wrestler. It may not be about a person at all. Let's look at the following verses: Matthew 16:16-18 (NASB95): "Simon Peter answered, 'You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.' And Jesus said to him, '...

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Jesus is my Mighty Rock

Dear Prayer partners and fellow believers - Here are some thoughts of encouragement and admonishment the Lord is using right now in my life, inspired by the visions of the prophet Zechariah and the teaching of John MacArthur. I have also included what I feel would be...

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