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God Cares

  Watching Over Me A Poem

My testimony I’d like to share. When I was not aware God was always there watching over me. All the time when I could not see, He was there, His hand on me. I must confess I’m abundantly blessed, although some would disagree, God has always been there for me. Through...

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  I Cried A Poem

Today, as I awoke and prayed To the Lord above, I cried. Knowing, just by my desire to speak To Him, He listened. I cried. When I checked my email and realized All the ones that had thought of me, I cried. Looking out the window and seeing His wonderful painting, I...

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  April Rains  

When April Rains come pouring down,  And all the leaves are green,  I have to sing a song of joy,  For beauty I have seen. I hear the songbirds of the morn,  Their lovely, lilting sound,  It makes me feel such gratitude  That all such things abound. I think I might...

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Hire a Missionary

"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." (Phil 4:19-20 NKJV) My yard is a mess. I have 1.5 acres of beautiful lawn, with flower beds, spreading trees, even a pond … And it is all overrun with weeds. This bothers me...

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The Miracle Bird

God has planted so many images of His character in nature. If we want to see a picture of Him, then we need to follow the psalmist's advice and "meditate upon His wonders" (Ps. 139: 27) In fact, the psalmist tells us that all of the Heavens shine forth with God's love...

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The Wise-Men of Christmas

The gifts of the wise men to the baby Jesus were no accident. They were planned with devotion and a depth of understanding that takes your breath away. The wise men were deeply religious and had known that the Lord was sending a saviour to the world. They also knew...

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