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The Father Who Enables us to Finish

Finishing first place in a race or two appears impressive, but endurance is more important than performance. An impatient performer invariably forgets the importance Christ places on right pacing. From the scriptures below, it is clear that faithfully being a finisher...

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  An Oak A Poem  

I am called an oak; a pillar of righteousness; simply because My Lord has redeemed me, and I am blessed. I walk in ways of Ancient, I think upon the heavenly things; I am filled with Life's abundance, and all the joy that it brings. I see the moon, The stars perched...

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Like an Eagle

There was a man out west who caught an eagle and kept it in confinement for 17 years. At last having to move a distance he advertised to sell all his goods at auction, and that at the close of the sale he would liberate this old eagle, captive for so long. People came...

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Beans and Butterflies

Sitting on the dresser in my little boys' room is a jar with a dead caterpillar in it and a Styrofoam cup with a dried out bean plant laying in the dirt. Both of these items were carefully set there with high hopes and anticipation of beans and butterflies by each...

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