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Sarah Berthelson

  He is Risen A Poem  

My Lord Jesus Christ died on that cross He was stoned and beaten and never did He boast That He was dying that you and I may not be lost He Is RisenThree days laters two Mary's went to the grave He was not there and they were not brave They ran to others to tell what...

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  Spring is Here A Poem

We always look forward to Spring The sun will shine as we go outside to swing It is a wonderful time of the year The cold weather is gone, the birds are singing Spring is here I feel God's presence so clearly today It is so awesome I do not know what to say I know...

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  Jesus Holds the Key to my Heart A Poem

You asked me "who holds the key to my heart?"  Jesus has held the key to my heart from the very start  Jesus holds the key to my heat  I weighed a wee five pounds when I came into this world  Was told about Jesus when I was laid on mama's chest  He knew that she would...

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  In Memory of You A Poem

We have put the flag out at half mast Will place flowers on your grave There will be picnics and celebration In memory of you Thank you dear one for giving your all You were there to answer the call America needs help, yet you may fall You went there for me to be free...

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  If it Were Not for Jesus A Poem

The Christmas season is here The day that we hold so dear Gift giving and family gatherings Have we forgotten why we celebrate If it were not for Jesus God sent His son into the world To be the lamb for each of us Salvation is our gift from Him If it were not for...

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  I Desire to be Worthy A Poem

Lord Jesus I come to you today Asking to forgive me as I pray For the lack of service to you I desire to be worthy Forgive me for not seeking your face As I start my day and began to race Into the world to do whatever I please I desire to be worthy Thank you dear Lord...

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  I Cried A Poem

Today, as I awoke and prayed To the Lord above, I cried. Knowing, just by my desire to speak To Him, He listened. I cried. When I checked my email and realized All the ones that had thought of me, I cried. Looking out the window and seeing His wonderful painting, I...

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  I am Not Alone A Poem

As I sit and watch the birds fly by  I find myself with a tear in my eye  I am not alone God sent the birds to show me today  That I should listen to what HE has to say  "I am with you today"  I am not alone I thank God for the ones he placed in my life  To show me...

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