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Sandra Pringle

Living Water

Oh, the living waters, those waters so precious and dear! They bring such refreshment, to those who are walking near. Give me a drink of that water, of which I pray I never thirst! The water which flows from the Rock, the water of which my life is purged. Let me walk...

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  In the Valley A Poem  

Deep in the stillness of a thankful heart, we see our Father best!He sends us comfort, and blesses us, with peace, and love, and rest.The valleys we are passing through, will lead to the mountain top; if we decide to regain our strength, and not grow weary and...

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  I Watch for You A Poem  

As a child watches for her father, so I watch for You.Ever ready to follow. . . To do. . . . What it is, You wish me to do.Humbly, Father, I await, and watch for the sign. Truly, I know that I am Yours, and that You are mine.So, I sit here by the window, opened wide,...

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  I Believe in the Song A Poem  

What would we do, without the light, the light which shows the Way?How would we keep our steps from stumbling, as we step out, each day?With our hand in God's, we can rest assured, that anything we face, we can surely endure!The days are troubled, the times may be...

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  Heart of a Child A Poem  

Sometimes, it isn't enough, just to lay down the law;It's the practice of it yourself, which makes them understand it all.It isn't a word of criticism, or the hot lash of the tongue; But an understanding heart, a willing spirit to teach, when day is done. A little...

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  Focal Point A Poem  

In the times I need comfort, to Him, I shall always go!He knows all of the storms and trials, which beset me so.He knows how I labor ... to share with others, His love.He knows my every burden, and all of the details, always watching me close, from Above.I feel secure...

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  Title A Poem  

This day belongs to You,I'm only borrowing the hours;I seek to follow Your will,to be led of Thy great power.I long to sit at Your feet,to absorb Your wisdom, so grand.I long to walk by Your side,and to have You hold my hand.Father ...I resolve to persevere and push...

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Days of Thanksgiving

The cool and brisk days of November bring back thoughts from yesterday, of Thanksgiving spent in the country ... shared, the good old fashioned way. Grandpa spent his life as a farmer, and each Autumn, would put himself to a test. Each year, he swore that his pumpkins...

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  Wisdom A Poem

All paths I take shall lead to you, even when I might go astray. No other road can beckon me, no other can keep me away. I set my heart on seeking you, I humbly bend an ear. The ripples of the current of Life, so dear to me, are those I long to hear. I take time to...

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