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Rhonda Rhodes

  For This Man I Love A Poem  

From a far distance I see the sun hanging low in shame  I hear the thunder cry as the clouds watch this man die The tears of heaven fall violently upon the earth, created by this Son. I run, I run hard, please please stop! For this man I love He for me came to show...

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Our Wilderness Journey

Walking through the wilderness is hard because we focus upon the hardship, the darkness, hate and death that is in the wilderness. It is there because of the previous rejection of Jehovah; it is there because of the previous generations pushing down the Name of the...

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Manna Mania

Have you ever wondered if the Israelites ever tried to get clever with their manna? God provided them with wonderful food every day. But I do remember reading that they got a little whiny about eating the same thing every day. I can picture them moaning, "Oh, the...

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